Taxi – a convenient and quick way to move around without having to worry about parking spaces or the well-being of your car.
We offer modern equipment, qualified, polite drivers, brand new cars and value for money.

AS Tallink Takso is a company providing transportation services in Tallinn and was established in 2007.

On 26 May 2008 at 5am, 51 Tallink Takso vehicles started service.

We use Škoda Superb, Hyundai i40, Peugeot 508 SW vehicles as taxis.

We use Mercedes-Benz Vito / Viano, Peugeot Expert and Renault Traffic type vehicles for taxi buses which transport up to 8 passengers.
We value the strategy of renewing our entire fleet every two to three years to ensure quality service.

Tallink Takso taxis are yellow, which make us stand out from other taxi companies. We have also thought about premium rides when developing our fleet, and therefore, offer black vehicles without any taxi signage for such occasions: Audi A6, Mercedes Benz E-Class and Mercedes Benz Viano vehicles.
We require that all of our cars are always clean and that our drivers wear proper uniforms.

Our taxis arrive approximately within 10 minutes but you can book a taxi in advance to arrive by a specific time and to a specific location thanks to our modern call centre. You can also rely on our drivers to meet your guests at the airport or port for you and transport them to your chosen location and manage any subsequent transportation for a larger event if necessary.

Although our taxis are meant to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding of customers, we can offer competitive prices for transporting your employees to work and home or for other business travel thanks to the effective planning of times and routes. We still follow our quality requirements for our taxi rides and vehicles during those rides.

In order to make our work more efficient we accept your orders for those services through our call centre and also online on our web page. We offer flexible payment solutions and conditions, which enable you to choose between the payer (company or private person) and time (right after each ride or next month).

We use taxi equipment provided by the Swedish company Halda, and our taxi drivers use GPRS to communicate with the call centre.

All vehicles have POS-payment terminals installed so that customers can pay for the service with a debit card. We accept VISA and MasterCard debit and credit cards.

We offer company cards to our business customers to make the payment for the taxi service convenient and quick without having to pay for the ride right away.

You can order our taxis and taxi buses by calling 1921 or +372 640 8921. You can also book a taxi online.

Takso 24, which is part of the Tallink Takso Group, is a taxi service provider that combines the quality of the Tallink Takso service with more favourable prices that meet customer expectations.

Takso 24 is suitable for daily and nightly (business) services over medium and short distances in Tallinn and surrounding areas including bringing employees to work and home and for business travel during workdays. We follow our normal quality requirements for all rides and vehicles and for our taxi arrival time, which is approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Our fleet includes new and modern cars, mainly Toyota Corolla cars characterised by comfort, safety, silent system radios and surprisingly large capacity. All Takso24 vehicles are clean and carry our distinct company logos. Our taxi drivers are professionals who are polite, wear proper uniforms and speak at least Estonian and Russian.

What makes our service the best?

  • Qualified, polite and honest taxi drivers and employees
  • Cars with modern equipment
  • Value for money
  • Unified corporate branding and work wear
  • Thought through support systems
  • Payment available in cash or by card


  • Our fleet is renewed every 2 to 3 years
  • Vehicles are washed after each shift
  • Card payment terminals
  • Innovative technical solutions
  • Advertisement spaces

Employees and working conditions

  • Most of the taxi  drivers are professional drivers
  • Safe cars, modern equipment
  • Changing rooms and bathrooms, parking lot

We wish you a pleasant and safe ride!