Business client

Business client

Tallink Takso aims to offer a consistently good taxi service by monitoring customer expectations for comfort and flexibility, safety and prices.

Company card and single-use company card for employee transfer:

A company card is a business client's credit and debit card for taxi services. The card is presented at the end of the ride for registering the taxi fee and for receiving the agreed discount. Actual payment for the month is completed in the following month on the basis of an invoice.  The invoice shows all transfers by date, time, kilometre and cost per ride.

A one-time company card – meant for single usage and suitable when you want to pay for the taxi ride of your guests or employees but you do not want to give them your permanent company card. A one-time company card works like a credit card and is similar to a regular company card (for receiving discounts and registering the ride as well as for submitting reports and paying bills), except that at the end of the ride it will remain in the hands of the taxi driver. This enables you to offer a taxi service to your employees on a needs basis, while keeping the service usage and costs under control.

Company cards and one-time company cards are issued free of charge and there is no monthly maintenance fee.
You can also pay with a debit card in all of our taxis at the end of each ride.

We hope you will find a suitable solution among our services and flexible forms of payment to accommodate your company with

  • •    premium and business taxi services,
  • •    home service for employees,
  • •    taxi services for guests and customers.

We are more than happy to discuss your specific needs and any additional questions you might have and tailor the service accordingly.

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Tõnu Uusmaa,
Member of the Board